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review of The Anchorage

by betty
(lebanon nh)

Nice surroundings, on the deck in good weather
good food at reasonable prices
friendly wait service

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Aug 23, 2012
by: Anonymous

Well, I finally gave in and against my own best judgement went back to the Anchorage after refusing to go for nearly 3 years. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING! GROSSLY OVER PRICED AND THE SERVICE STINKS!!! WOW!!! $24.00 for a plate of fries and 6 scallops is a total joke. I can't believe people actually go to this place. The manager (or who I thought was the manager) was a slob,shirt untucked, going in and out of the kitchen eating food, almost causing accidents, doing practically nothing important as far as I could tell. I also noticed that it appears that the wait staff does not really care about the customers they serve, by the way they go about their ho hum business or how they actually should look physically. It is obvious that management doesn't really care about anything but making money. Having to pay high prices for mediocre food and bad service is truly sad. I understand this restaurant needs to turn a profit, but my experience will never, ever take me to this restaurant ever again. I have given this place multiple chances over the years and all efforts have ended in disappointment. I will continue to turn people off and away from this restuarant. For being the only restuarant on the water, this place is completely disppointing and a total rip-off.

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