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Wood Sign Carvingby Cellini


Wood Sign Carving
by Cellini

Design & Execution of Carved Wood Signs
Both Residential & Commercial

Also Carved Wood Figures & Sculpture

Frank & Sibbel Cellini
DBA Carving by Cellini

Click here for a contact form

9 South Pitkin Rd. P.O. Box 159
Lempster, NH 03605

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Dragon Carved Wood Sculpture by Cellini

This is one of two 6 foot long hand-carved dragons made for a Chinese restaurant in Bourne, Ma. They were constructed of several pieces of white pine epoxied together for strength.

Indians Carved Wood Sculputure by Cellini
Rabbit Carved Wood Sculpture by Cellini
This is a wood sculpture in the round depicting womens' faces of different ethnicities, encircled by a serpent. It is entitled 'Temptation'. The wood used is red cedar. This is a 7 foot tall rabbit, hand-carved to stand in front of a book store in Onset, Ma. He is holding a book in his right hand, his left grasps a cane. He is constructed of several pieces of white pine which have been epoxied together for strength.


Carved Wood Business Signs

Town of Lempster Carved Wood Sign  
Miner Library Carved Wood Sign

The Town of Lempster, NH sign was donated to the town by Frank and Sibbel Cellini. The picture, carved in high density urethane, is of an historical structure, The Silver Grange, located on Lempster Street. The bottom of the sign features changeable track letters to allow for posting of various meetings in the town.

The Miner Memorial Library sign is on the corner of Route 10 and The Second New Hampshire Turnpike. The raised letters are gilded with 23 karat gold leaf as is the griffon above (he faces away from the library as if he's guarding the treasures within, that is the books). The griffon and the letters are carved in high density urethane. The books on either side of the griffon are wood and are textured and painted to resemble real books. The background for both the letters and the griffon is black smaltz, a coarse surface consisting of a paint-fixative mixture sprinkled while wet with fine ground glass or black sand. This is a very dramatic background for gold leaf.
Fulton's Construction Carved Wood Sign
  Oasis Massage Carved Wood Sign

The Fulton's Construction sign features a three-dimensional model of one of their dump trucks. The lettering on the truck and the back hoe are carved in HDU. The signs below indicate the services Fulton's provides.

The Oasis Massage sign, located in Claremont, NH, has raised lettering and a palm tree carved in HDU and applied with a 2-part marine epoxy. The features are gilded with aluminum leaf which has been clear-coated to protect the luster. The body of the sign is constructed of several boards of white pine epoxied together. The surface is painted with 1-shot sign paint.
Bejeweled Carved Wood Sign
Stoves Pellets Carved Wood Sign

Bejeweled is another example of gilded features on a black smaltz background. The lettering and the scallop shell are 23 karat gold leaf; the diamond is clear-coated aluminum leaf.

The Stoves-Pellets sign features a replica of a Thelin pellet stove carved in HDU. The chrome is clear-coated aluminum leaf; the stove is painted in an exterior flat house paint. This was used for more authenticity. The lettering is also HDU.


Carved Wood Home Signs

Whitman Carved Wood Sign
Cellini Carved Wood Sign

Whitman is a house sign featuring a raised hummingbird and flower and incised lettering.

Cellini, our personal sign, depicts a three-dimensional deer centered in an opening in the sign.

White Carved Wood Sign

The White sign features a stone bridge on the North River in Hanover, Ma. It was commissioned for a couple who canoed on that river. It is interesting in that only the feature and lettering is painted and the remainder is clear-coated.


Parkerville Carved Wood Sign

Parkerville is an example of a simple house sign with incised letters.


Williams Carved Wood Sign

Williams, another house sign, is another example of the use of 23 karat gold leaf on a black smaltz background.


Mardanes Carved Wood Sign

Nardanes, a more complex house sign, was inspired by a figurine of two little mice enjoying a tea party. They are sheltered from morning dew by a leaf. They are carved in HDU. The letters are incised into the pine body of the sign.


Lersch Carved Wood Sign

The Lersch sign was ordered as a gift for a couple who were retiring and planning to tour in their camper. The camper depicted is theirs. The raised, HDU letters are carved to resemble little logs.


View more carved wood signs by Cellini at


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