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Lake Sunapee Web Site

Wild Goose Web Design


How To Use the World Wide Web To Leverage Your Local Business

  • Build Trust With Prospects
  • Grow Your Client Base
  • Strengthen Customer Loyalty
  • Get the Jump on Competitors
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Web site design & consulting services for small businesses, artists and craftspeople based in New Hampshire's Lake Sunapee region.

Wild Goose Web Design creates practical, attractive, effective & simple-as-possible web site design using SiteSell technology to research and design web sites that draw visitors and get the click!

Site Research
The SiteSell method involves several steps of thorough research before the site is built. Our research will create a site map of high-demand topics in your area of expertise. We actually show you what to put on your site and how to construct keyword-focused content pages to deliver great information that both humans and web search engines will love.

We specialize in creating theme-based information content sites for small businesses. We will guide you through the process of building a site with the information that people are searching for.

We can easily enable any web site for e-commerce using King Cart, a very powerful and flexible shopping cart that can process payments using PayPal or your credit card merchant account. We can custom design Add To Cart and View Cart buttons for any product, set up a product database for you, and customize your shopping cart pages to use your web site logo and colors.

We use as little technology as possible
Web site technology often creates barriers between business and customer. We are experienced with the full range of web site technologies including Java, Flash, XML, PHP, and database systems, which is why we try to avoid them whenever we can. Our goal is to use as little technology as possible to create web sites that work on any computer, running any web browser, even over slow dial-up connections.

SiteSell is the most powerful web hosting system for small businesses. I worked for IBM for ten years, where I learned and tested every important internet technology, but I never learned the answer to the most important question on the internet: how do you bring visitor traffic to a web site? SiteSell is the only web site hosting company that provides all the tools and information needed to run a small business. Everything you need is included in the hosting package price - there are no “extras” to buy!

Read about this amazing web hosting system and how I used it to build

Before I discovered SiteSell I built web sites for small businesses that looked and worked great, but did almost nothing for the client's businesses. Using SiteSell we can build you a site that will draw traffic and is guaranteed to succeed.

Wild Goose Web Design
Lou Bradbard
PO Box 647
Newport NH, 03773

Phone: 603-995-1294
email: wildgooseweb @ (remove spaces)


Custom Logos and Special Effects

Thor Carlson Logo
Littleshamrocks logo
Woodbooger Logo
Winter Camping
antastic Fractals Logo


Wild Goose Web Design Portfolio

Online art gallery of paintings, drawings, tapestry, and sculpture by contemporary American artist E. Thor Carlson. Every element of this site was designed to the client’s exact specification including buttons, page layout and logo.

The insiders guide to New Hampshire's Lake Sunapee Region.

Lake Sunapee

A gallery of the most beautiful fractals on the web.
The personal plaything of Wild Goose Web Design featuring computer generated fractal artwork.

We threw everything we knew about design aesthetics out the window to give the client what they wanted - a rough, gnarly "demolition" theme based on the design of their T-shirts and the controlled mayhem of their derby events.


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