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Lake Sunapee Boathouses
Lake Sunapee Boathouses by JoAnn Pippin
By JoAnn Pippin




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Area Info

The Dartmouth-Lake Sunapee Region

Sunapee Area Events Calendar

Mount Sunapee

Lake Solitude

Sunapee State Park Campground

Mount Sunapee Adventure Park

Lake Sunapee

Sunapee State Beach

Lake Sunapee Yacht Club

Lake Sunapee History

Lake Sunapee Loons

The Sunapee Harbor Riverwalk

Lake Sunapee Antique Postcards

The Sawyer Trail in Sunapee

Hiking The Webb Forest Trails

Hiking Bradford Bog

Hiking Low Plain, New London

Hiking the Fells in Newbury

Hiking the Philbrick-Cricenti Bog

Sunapee Harbor

Clark Lookout

Hiking and History of Mount Kearsarge

Essential Hiking Safety Tips

The Fells Historic Estate

Covered Bridges

Sunapee Videos

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Lake Sunapee Towns

Newport > Newport History

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Lake Sunapee Lodging

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Lakeside Cottages of the Lake Sunapee Area

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Arts & Culture


Artist Directory

Lennie Bartlett  & Lennie Bartlett Art for Sale

Caren Calafati

David M. Carroll

Laurette Carroll

E. Thor Carlson

The Photography of Walter Cowan

Barbara J. Huff

Loren Howard

Bea Jillette

Ludmila Gayvoronsky

JoAnn Pippin

Heidi M. Lorenz

Stoneware Art Pottery by Moose Meadow Pottery

Susan Parmenter

Rosemary McGuirk

Leigh Schoch


Rick "The Mooseman" Libbey
Moose Pictures
     Loon Pictures

Great Island Photography & Lake Sunapee Loons

Walter Cowan

Maureen Rosen

Scott Snyder


Activities & Recreation

The 4 Seasons of Lake Sunapee

Winter Activities

Spring Activities

Summer Activities

Fall Activities

Attractions and Activities

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Lake Sunapee Cruising Fleet

Lake Sunapee Rowing Club

Muster Field Farm

Lake Sunapee Activities for Kids

Kayak Country - Lake Sunapee Kayaking


Restaurants & Food-to-Go

Ice Cream Shops of the Lake Sunapee Region

Breakfast Places of the Lake Sunapee Region


Retail Stores, Shops & Boutiques


New London Market on the Green

Sunapee Landing Trading Company

The Newport Farmers' Market


Good Folks to Know


Against-the-Grain Designs > Gun Checkering

Browns Auto & Marine

Carving by Cellini - Signs and Wood Sculpture

New London Wood Products

Riverside Ecological Designs, LLC - Wetland Permitting - Septic Systems - Land Planning



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