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Ice Cream Shops of the
Lake Sunapee Region

Adaline Gilmore

Whether you are a local to Lake Sunapee or a tourist passing through, be sure to stop for a tasty treat at one of the area's unique ice cream shops. With a passion for creating smooth, creamy ice cream using quality products, these ice cream experts know how to satisfy a sweet tooth.


Sanctuary Dairy Farm Ice Cream

Sanctuary Dairy Farm Ice Cream

Sanctuary Dairy Farm Ice Cream started out as a childhood dream for Beck Johnson, also locally known as the "ice cream kid". Growing up on a farm that was built around the 1700's, he had an idea to create an ice cream shop in the old sheep barn. With the support from family and friends, his childhood dream came true.

The family-run ice cream shop prides itself on using farm fresh products and creating an inspiring family environment for customers to eat their ice cream and appreciate nature. Located on 750 acres, parents can enjoy gorgeous views while children play in the sandbox under the apple trees. The farm is home to a variety of welcoming animals that kids can meet and greet with including: chickens, geese, cows, donkeys, sheep, pigs, and many more.

Customers on Trip Advisor say, Sanctuary Dairy Farm Ice Cream is the 'smoothest and creamiest ice cream they have ever eaten". However, this little ice cream shop serves more than just homemade ice cream. Be sure to check out the frozen yogurt and sorbet as well.

You can get your frozen treat served up in a homemade waffle cone, a cup, float, frappe, or banana split. The shop offers ice cream pints that customers can enjoy at home along with a variety of other farm-fresh products such as: eggs, butter, cheeses, milk, vegetables, maple syrup, and bread.

Customer Favorite's on Trip Advisor: The ginger ice cream, apple pie ice cream, root beer floats, and banana splits. Flavors include: Banana, cookie dough, coconut, maple cream, mocha chip, rum raisin, mango, and lots more.

Sanctuary Dairy Farm Ice Cream
209 Rte. 103, Sunapee, NH 03782
Phone: 603-863-8940


Marzelli Deli

Marzelli Deli Newbury Marzelli Deli Sign Marzelli's Sweet Shop in Sunapee Harbor

Make sure you don't leave Lake Sunapee without stopping for some gelato at Marzelli Deli in Newbury or Marzelli's Sweet Shop in Sunapee Harbor. According to customer reviews on Trip Advisor, it's the "greatest gelato in the world", even better than Italian gelato shops in Italy.

Marzelli Deli is family owned and everything is made from scratch. They create gelato and other desserts from recipes passed down from generation to generation in Italy. Serving 36+ flavors, customers have a diverse selection to choose from. If you are in the mood for some other tasty treats, be sure to check out the Italian cakes and sorbetto. In addition to the dessert menu, there is also a breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu as well.

Customer Favorite's on Trip Advisor: Coconut, chocolate, and blood orange. Flavors include: Tiramisu, pistachio, strawberry, kiwi, coconut, Tuscan crunch, and a ton more.

Marzelli Deli website

Marzelli's Sweet Shop and Cafe
72 Main Street, Sunapee, NH
(603) 763-0072

Marzelli Deli
889 New Hampshire 103, Newbury, NH
(603) 763-2222

Quack Shack

Quack Shack, Sunapee Harbor

No visit to Sunapee Harbor in the summer would be complete without a visit to the Quack Shack ice cream stand. The Quack Shack serves Gifford's ice cream, with the option of soft served or hard. Customers have noted on their Facebook page how great Gifford's creamy ice cream is and the variety of flavors.

Locals especially love the Quack Shack for the deck overlooking the beautiful Sugar River and harbor where customers can enjoy the scenery while enjoying their ice cream. There is even a water fountain for dogs and a ring toss game. In addition to an ice cream menu, there is a lunch/dinner menu where customers can grab a bite to eat before dessert.

Customer Favorite's on Trip Advisor: Lobster shack cone

Quack Shack Ice Cream
74 Main Street, Sunapee, NH 03782
(603) 763-3084
Please note: Cash Only


Arctic Dreams

Arctic Dreams, New London NH

If you are looking for a ton of flavors, Arctic Dreams is your go-to place. Customers have mentioned on Trip Advisor how they love the diverse selection to choose from. Annabelle's Natural Ice Cream is made with no additives or artificial colors and is made with natural products. Customer reviews on Trip Advisor have called Annabelle's ice cream better than Ben and Jerry's ice cream.

Arctic Dreams is the perfect spot to celebrate a big win after a game or a family celebration. There are tables and booths inside as well as outdoor seating.

Not only does Arctic Dreams serve ice cream, they also offer gourmet coffee, espresso, latte, teas, and gourmet hot chocolate. Yet, it's the friendly customer service, quality ice cream, and great selection that keeps ice cream lovers coming back.

Customer Favorite' on Trip Advisor: Grape nut ice cream, shakes, and frozen yogurt.

Arctic Dreams Ice Cream
394 Main Street, New London, NH
(603) 526-9477

Jolly Molly's Ice Cream at Bubba's Bar & Grille

Jolly Molly's Ice Cream at Bubba's Bar & Grille

After eating some famous clam chowder at Bubba's Bar and Grille, save room for the ice cream at Jolly Molly's. There are 20 flavors of Hershey's Ice Cream to choose from, some which are very unique (listed below). Hershey's Ice Cream uses fresh cream, fruit, and nuts to make their delectable treats.

Customers can eat their ice cream on picnic tables while enjoying the views of Newbury Harbor and Lake Sunapee. Whether it's a family night or date night, nothing hits the spot better than some ice cream at Jolly Molly's.

Customer Favorite's on Trip Advisor: Homemade hot fudge
Flavors include: Peach cobbler, malt crunch, chocolate frosted cupcake, cotton candy, etc.

Bubbas' Bar and Grille
976 New Hampshire 103, Newbury, NH



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