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Sunapee Harbor
> Sunapee Harbor Riverwalk


Sunapee Harbor Riverwalk

Sunapee Harbor Riverwalk

Sunapee Harbor Riverwalk Montage

The Riverwalk is a 1/2 mile scenic and historic trail along the Sugar River from this bridge near the dam that controls the height of Lake Sunapee to the Information Booth on Route 11.

Lake Sunapee Dam

The Riverwalk begins behind Marzelli's Cafe. Look for the Riverwalk sign to your right, head up the wooden stairs, go past the office for the Sunapee Harbor Riverway on your left and head down the trail or stop in to pick up a brochure, follow the signs, and enjoy your walk.


Sunapee Riverwalk Sign

The trail passes through the old Town Hall and former livery stable. It then looks across the river to the Water Department Pump Station and the intake for the town-owned and managed hydro facility.

Sunapee old Town Hall

The trail then crosses High Street and over the river, passing by the foundations of the old Hames factory. Beyond there are several old factory or mill sites and views of the river.

Sunapee Water Department Pump Station

The water power sites you see on this walk were responsible for the early industrial growth of Sunapee.

Sunapee Pump Station Falls

You can return to your starting point via Route 11 and Main Street with a stop at Hames Park, and look at the old Town Hall and the Historical Society Museum.

Sunapee Riverwalk Field

The trail winds down the hill to the new Sunapee Welcome Center where you can pick up brochures about the area attractions and get information about current happenings in the region.

Sunapee Welcome Center



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