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Lake Sunapee Towns > Newport > Newport Farmers' Market


Newport, NH
Farmers’ Market

Newport, NH Farmer's Market


Join Your Neighbors at
the Newport Farmers

Visit our website at

We are your one stop shopping spot for locally grown, baked and created food and crafts in the Lake Sunapee region of New Hampshire. All of the items we offer were grown, baked, or made by our vendors within 50 miles of historic downtown Newport. We are one of the longest running farmers’ markets in the state of New Hampshire with over 45 vendors. And all those vendors mean that we have a wonderful variety of produce, baked goods, ready-to-eat foods, and crafts for you to discover!

The Newport Farmers’ Market 2015 Summer Season begins on May 29th and will be open every Friday from 3 pm to 6 pm through October 9th. The market is located on the Town Common in Historic Downtown Newport, New Hampshire, and operates rain or shine (or wind, or storm warning…) We will be there every Friday, and we hope to see you there, too!

Map to the Newport Farmers' Market


Newport Farmers' Market Slideshow

Face Painting at the Newport Farmers' Market

Baked Goods

Rocky Cannoli's Bakery at Red Barn Farm Watts' New? - Linda Watts Stone Arch Bakery - Todd Bersaglieri

The Newport Farmers’ Market has many vendors that bake delicious breads, cookies, pastries, pies and other baked goods. All of these vendors prepare their food according to the food safety rules of the State of New Hampshire. Many use their family recipes that have been passed down through the generations.


Canned and Preserved Food

Howl'n Good Kettle Corn & Fresh Squeezed Lemonade -      Doug & Debbie Howland Vermont Hills Teriyaki - Roger Winnicki Homemade by Dottie B

Are you still looking for that pickle that tastes like your grandma’s recipe, or that strawberry jam flavor you remember from a vacation years ago? Our vendors can and preserve a wide assortment of their produce for you to take home and enjoy. There are even wines and teriyaki sauces offered for sale. You really can buy your entire meal at the market, or maybe a full week’s worth of groceries, all grown and produced locally.


Dog Bones and Treats

East Coast Sales Co. - Jody Wells, S. Sutton, NH, 603-927-4465    

The Newport Farmers’ Market is pleased to have something tasty and healthy for your dog as well as for you. Bones, ears, hooves and other tasty treats are available at the market for your barky, furry friend. No need to look for the booth, your dog will show you the way!


Handmade Goods and Crafts

Wood, Wind & Stone - Bob Dakin HodgePodge Handicrafts - Suzanne Connary HodgePodge Handicrafts - Suzanne Connary

The Newport Farmers’ Market has an assortment of vendors who sell fine handmade goods and crafts. Each artisan creates their unique pieces and will be happy to share their knowledge of the process used to make each item. These fine crafts are made from many different media, including, metal, sheep’s wool, mohair, wood, alpaca fleece, stone, oil cloth, clay and beads. You will find many interesting gift ideas at these artists’ booths, from functional items to pieces of art!



Maple Syrup and Other Maple Products

Ben's Sugar Shack - Ben Fisk    

Ahhh, maple syrup over pancakes with fresh blueberries and locally raised sausage and bacon on the side…. It may not be maple sugaring season in the summer, but that doesn’t mean the sugar houses and producers aren’t still open.


Meat and Eggs

Garfield's Smokehouse    

The Newport Farmers’ Market has a wide range of meat available from several different vendors, including, chicken, beef, pork, rabbit, turkey and emu. Most of it is pasture-raised, so you know it will taste good and be good for you. And you can buy a frozen meal prepared from the pork raised by the farmer, so it couldn’t be easier to cook!

Eggs bought in the supermarket and raised in cages just can’t compare to an egg from a chicken that is pasture-raised. Independent laboratories have test results that prove that pasture-raised chikens produce eggs that are lower in cholesterol and higher in nutrients. Our vendors sell white, brown and Easter colored eggs for you to enjoy at breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Milk, Cream, Yogurt, Ice Cream and Milk Soaps

Angel Ridge Farm - Kathy Scheuer    

Are you looking for the milk or other dairy products that taste like the ones you ate years ago? Or are you looking for raw milk, cream and yogurt for your family? The vendors at the Newport Farmers’ Market have several choices for you, from raw milk to ice cream. Or maybe you want a goat milk soap for your sensitive skin? They have that, too!


Plants and Cut Flowers

Dan's Plants Sunset Farm Lovell Mountain Gardens - Allan & Laurie Dube

The farmers at the Newport Farmers’ Market have a wide selection of plants for your garden and home. Just the various kinds of tomato plants alone could keep you busy for an hour! Use the healthy, stocky plants from the market to grow your own fresh food in your garden or containers on your patio. The farmers will tell you how! You can even grow strawberries or vegetables in a hanging planter.


Ready-to-Eat (and Drink) Food

The great tasting food at the Newport Farmers’ Market doesn’t stop with veggies and baked goods. There are also plenty of ready-to-eat choices at the market, so you don’t have to worry about cooking dinner on Friday nights during the summer. And several vendors sell cold and hot drinks depending on the temperature. If you need a break from all the shopping, or after you are finished shopping, have a seat on the park benches or at the picnic tables near the bandstand, listen to the live entertainment, and enjoy the kettle corn, hot dogs, sandwiches, pepperoni, cheese, sausage and peppers, ice cream, filled-on-the-spot cannolis, lemonade, bottled water, canned soda and iced coffee/tea or hot coffee.


Vegetables and Fruit

Dan's Plants


All of the vendors at the Newport Farmers’ Market grow the vegetables and fruit that they bring to market, and the assortment of produce during July and August rivals any supermarket produce section. Some of the farmers are certified organic growers, and others use natural techniques, but are not certified organic. Talk to the farmers at each booth, and they will explain precisely how they grow their produce, so you can make an informed choice.

Map to the Newport Farmers' Market




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