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Maureen Rosen

Maureen Rosen

Lady of the Lake Photography
Click here to contact Maureen Rosen

Maureen Rosen began her interest and love of photography after moving to NH seventeen years ago and realizing what a treasure trove of beauty and nature was beckoning. Maureen's love of the computer was a perfect fit with digital photography--the computer, her dark room; the camera, her paint brush.

She held her first photography show in Newbury several years ago and has since been featured in Adventures in Learning's "Horizons" and is also their official photographer, going wherever needed to capture the seasonal flow of courses, study leaders and participants. She then creates an iMovie retrospective of the previous year that is shown at the Adventures in Learning Annual Meeting in May.

Maureen also created the Adventures in Learning Logo that emblazons all their material and has created the cover photos for all the course catalogs since 2009.

Her photographs are on many web sites throughout the area, including the New London Inn, Adventures in Learning, Center Meeting House of Newbury, and others. She also devotes time to several local volunteer organizations, creating posters, designing brochures, and photographing.

Maureen and her husband Art also enjoy life on Lake Sunapee. Their boat and her camera are always at the ready to capture loons, the glistening lake, fluffy clouds, sailboats and glorious sunsets. Maureen drives with her camera in her lap never knowing what creature or adventure might appear from the woods or out of the sky.

She finds photography a spiritual experience, at one with nature and color and is never happier than capturing that one perfect picture.

Maureen uses a digital Nikon camera and has her photos reproduced on canvas in a gallery wrap which allows you to display as is, or frame as you wish.

Her work is currently on display at the Tatewell Gallery in New London.

Feb 14, 2017

Sunapee to Kearsarge by Maureen Rosen
Sunapee to Kearsarge


Lake Sunapee By Maureen Rosen
Lake Sunapee


Awaiting the Gun by Maureen Rosen
Awaiting the Gun


Temples by Maureen Rosen
Shot in Brooklyn

Temples to God
Temples to Commerce
Temples to freedom
Set in the history of
Struggling humanity in the
Sunset of a city on fire.

May 26, 2014

The Narrows, Lake Sunapee NH
The Narrows, Lake Sunapee, NH


Spring on Mount Sunapee
Spring on Mount Sunapee


Kidder  Brook
Kidder Brook

The well was dry beside the door,
And so we went with pail and can
Across the fields behind the house
To seek the brook if still it ran...
Robert Frost


New London Green
A New London "sense of place, moment in time."
Taken Apri 16, 2014 after a gentle spring snowfall at 8 in the morning.



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