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Loon Pictures
Rick “The MooseMan” Libbey

“Thru the years, my love for nature has grown to a place of respect for the moose and loons. I make every effort not to disturb the moose from feeding and I constantly watch their “body language” for signs of contentment or the opposite.

With the loons, I work from a safe distance thanks to today’s digital technology and capabilities I am able to shoot from a distance and crop down to show impact and detail. Again, loons have a body language all their own and I make an effort to observe that and go accordingly.”


Baby Loon's First Ride
Baby Loon's First Ride

This image was a month in the making. I wanted to share an image of a loon chick’s first hours of life with my viewers. I first had to determine the 1st day on the nest, then count the incubation period and start checking near the end of the 25-28 day wait. This is the loon’s first ride, and the bonus was the little guy looking right over at me on their way past.



Loon with day old chick
Loon with Day-Old Chick

I’d like to point out that I spent two full years without a camera in the kayak sitting with these loons from a distance just observing and establishing a trust of sorts. On the third year, I started photographing and captured this image of this parent with her day old chick in a quiet cove of an area pond.



Loon with Week-Old Chicks
Loon with Week-Old Chicks

This loon parent has just finished feeding her chicks and has settled in for a cruise around the pond. The chicks are 7-8 days old here and only one can still fit on parent’s back at this point. “Back riding” only lasts 7-10 days depending how fast the chicks grow.



Loon and Chicks at Sunrise
Loon and Chicks at Sunrise

It’s 5:45am and sunrise. This loon has her two new chicks with her and it off for a morning cruise in the sun. She is calling her mate to come relieve her so she can probably go get some fish for breakfast for herself.



Loon and Chicks at Dawn
Loon and Chicks at Dawn

Peaceful moments like this are part of what I enjoy sharing with folks. These two little chicks are only 2 days old and are sticking very close to the parents for sure. This is dawn at at a favorite local pond near my home.



Loon Chicks on Parent's Back
Loon Chicks on Parent's Back

I enjoy sharing images of loon chicks on parent’s backs but this one is somewhat unique. Usually, the background is either bluish or green depending on the angle of the sun…But for this image there was a nice golden look that is not often seen.



The Wing Flap of a Loon
The Wing Flap of the Loon

Some folks think the loon is taking flight when they see this type of photo. Actually loons need a long “runway” of a couple hundred feet at least to take flight. This loon has just finished preening and fixing her feathers after many dives for fish. They then flap their wings like this to rearrange the feathers into place.



Loon Chicks being Fed
Loon Chicks Being Fed

Loon chicks are fed fish and crayfish almost immediately after hatching. I have observed then being fed tiny insects at first….but for the most part, they get bigger meals right away. In today’s digital world….I am able to shoot this from a safe distance and then crop down to show the detail of the feeding session.


Moose Pictures by the MooseMan





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All photographs on this page copyright Moose Man Nature Photos


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