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Lake Sunapee Artists > Lennie Bartlett


Lennie Bartlett

Lennie Bartlett & Monte


Buck & Doe on feathers by Lennie Bartlett
Buck & Doe on Feathers
Framed in Natural Wood
For Sale


I have always been involved in creating artwork. I have always lived in the Lake Sunapee area with the mountains, lakes, rivers and streams so nearby and easily reached. The years in New Hampshire have been an inspiration for me.These last few years, I worked on the local mural in Newport and had my work in a showing at the Richards Free Library.

I paint in oils on local legal turkey feathers that I get from hunters when the turkeys are in season. Pictures can be painted on a single big tail feather, a spray of feathers, or a whole tail fan. I tailor my paintings to the feathers and arrange the wing or fuzzy feathers in a decorative pattern. Painting requires a light touch like painting on velvet, using a small pointed new brush.

Wolves are good subjects and I capture their gleaming gray eyes reflecting their primal nature. In my collection you may find a large buck, with his big rack, in a clearing, painted on a large turkey feather. In another painting, an eagle is dancing through the air or trees showing his huge colorful wings. This was done on a fan of feathers in their original spacing. My favorite is, of course, my dog, a Papillon, but I have painted many breeds such as golden retrievers, beagles, English setter, St. Bernard ... all I need is a picture.

This also could be your car, house or anything else. I pride myself on being unique; there will never be another one like it. I have the first paintings that I did ten years ago and they show no sign of deterioration. I'm satisfied that I'm creating a legacy for those who buy them. The framing is very important so they start at eight by ten inches. Prices range from $60.00 and up.

I also paint on goose eggs which are bought out West. They are all cleaned, are cream color, and have a strong egg shell. The eggs could be hanging as a decoration in a room or hanging on a Christmas tree. I do detailed paintings of wild birds; my favorite species are orioles, cardinals, woodpeckers, blue jays, chickadees, humming birds. As I mentioned above,

I can paint dogs or anything on the eggs, all looking true to life. No paintings are alike. They are varnished when dried, after a month, then hung on a gold hanger. Before I discovered the turkey feathers, I painted on slate, mushrooms, etc. You name it and I have painted on it. The price of the eggs are $40.00 each.

Lennie Bartlett

Lenis Bartlett did her learning on her own,
beginning with her coloring book days.


Contact Lennie Bartlett
Phone: 603-863-2265
Please call with any questions or custom orders.


Wolf on Feathers  by Lennie Bartlett
Wolf on Feathers
Framed in Natural Wood
For Sale


Deer on Feathers by Lennie Bartlett
Deer & Trees on Feathers


Eagle on Feathers

Eagle on Feathers


Papillon Dog on Feathers

Papillon Dog on Feathers

This is my dog Monte.
Have your dog painted on feathers for $60


Bluetick Coonhound on Feathers
Bluetick Coonhound on Feathers


Deer on Feathers by Lennie Bartlett
Deer on Feathers


Wolf, Lion & Eagle on feathers by Lennie Bartlett

Wolf, Lion & Eagle on Feathers


Eagle on Feathers  by Lennie Bartlett
Eagle on Feathers


Wolf on Feathers  by Lennie Bartlett
Wolf on Feathers


Gunnison Lake Painting by Lennie Bartlett

Gunnison Lake (a.k.a Goshen Ocean)
& Mount Sunapee


Mountain View Lake with Mount Sunapee in the background by Lennie Bartlett

Mountain View Lake
& Mount Sunapee



  Goshen Ocean & Mount Sunapee on Mushroom
Goshen Ocean  & Mount Sunapee
on Mushroom


Hunting with Beagle on Mushroom
Hunting with Beagle
on Mushroom



Click here to view Lennie Bartlett's art for sale
on our online store.

Click here to view Lennie Bartlett's art for sale on our Online store.
Painted Eggs, Feathers, Bottles, Slate & More!



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