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Lake Sunapee Artists > Heidi M. Lorenz

Heidi M. Lorenz

Heidi M. Lorenz in Studio

Heidi M. Lorenz was born in Muenchweiler, Germany December 18, 1965. Heidi spent her childhood predominately in the United Kingdom where magnificent coastline & country life enthused her sensibility toward art, horses, & the sea. Heidi re-reads "Black Beauty" by Anna Sewell over & over in awe of the illustrated pages that shaped her initial artistic impression. Summers were often spent in the United States where Heidi’s grandfather & father furthered an art interest by exposing Heidi to their alternative style pen & inks. Heidi’s parents encouraged the View  from the Rabbit Hutch by Heidi M. Lorenzphilosophy that; "One’s life is purely what one makes it!" As a minor Heidi would hike several miles to visit the local "Red House Museum" in order to experience authentic works of art. As a teenager Heidi traveled further a field to view original oils by artist Lucy Kemp-Welch at the "Russell-Cotes Museum" & eventually as a young adult Heidi would encounter first hand the vast art & cultural scene of London, Paris, & many other great cities!

In 1985 Heidi studied business at Brockenhurst College, Southampton. Heidi relocated to the United States in 1986 supporting strong British influence & work experience in the graphic arts. While in the United States Heidi gained a Bachelor of Psychology & began art education at the University of NH in 1995. Heidi traveled the United States and Canada for several years and in 1998 settled down to private study with renowned maritime artist Christopher James Ward. Further, in 2002 Heidi joined Boston School painter Dan Helgemo at the Ateljé Helgemo. Currently, Heidi studies with acclaimed Barbizon painter Dennis Sheehan.


Click here to visit the website of Heidi M. Lorenz

Visitors are welcome to the studio in Goshen, NH by appointment or by chance. Call 603-863-3385.


Cape Porpoise, Maine by Heidi M. Lorenz

Cape Porpoise, Maine


Gem Horse Oil Painting by Heidi M. Lorenz



Sow & Her Piglets by Heidi M. Lorenz

Sow & Her Piglets



The Johnson's Flock by Heidi M. Lorenz

The Johnson's Flock


After The Show ~ Zeth by Heidi M. Lorenz

After The Show ~ Zeth


Endless Ruckus by Heidi M. Lorenz
Endless Ruckus


Place Between the Trees by Heidi M. Lorenz

Place Between the Trees


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