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Lake Sunapee Artists > Caren Calafati

Caren Calafati


Caren Calafati


Specialty area is the watercolor medium employing varying techniques and other medium such as varnish with watercolor. As part of her Master of Arts degree, Caren majored in art history and created a national touring opera company Through the Opera Glass.

Her graphic designs and set designs for this project have won national awards and recognition. The watercolors have been displayed in juried exhibits such as the Coastal Art Museum of Hilton Head Island (juried by the Telfair Museum of Savannah, Georgia). She has exhibited in numerous gallery locations primarily in the Northeast and the Southeast.

Professional Affiliations:
National Association of Teacher's of Singing, Northeast Division and Southeast Division New Hampshire State Council on the Arts, Touring Artists and Artist in Education Roster South Carolina Arts Commission, Touring Artist Roster William Glasser Institute, Los Angeles/Beverly Hills, California Who's Who in American Entertainment, Marquis Edition State of Vermont-Certified in Performing Arts, Visual Arts and Integrative Learning Professional Women's Singers Association, New York City, Vermont Watercolor Society, AVA Art Gallery, Hilton Head Island Art League


Holiday Blooms - Art by Caren Calafati
Holiday Blooms


Cobalt Vignette - Art by Caren Calafati
Cobalt Vignette


South Cove Birch Stand - Art by Caren Calafati
South Cove Birch Stand


Quiet Cove - Art by Caren Calafati
Quiet Cove


Indigo Loon - Art by Caren Calafati
Indigo Loon



Blue Water By Caren Calafati

Blue Water



Hibiscus By Caren Calafati




Heirloom Tomatoes By Caren Calafati

Heirloom Tomatoes



Orchids By Caren Calafati




About the Indigo Images: These paintings are created with large mop brushes using indigo pigment. The brush strokes are broad and left to be seen as part of the art. Found objects, palette knives and fingers are used to create the basic landscape design. Smaller brush strokes are added for detail. To finish, the art is extended onto the mat with fine brushwork. Indigo is especially appropriate for Hilton Head Island, SC art since it was a cash crop grown there pre-civil war.



Winter Moon By Caren Calafati

Winter Moon



Indigo Add Color Sunflower By Caren Calafati

Indigo Add Color Sunflower



Winter Blossoms By Caren Calafati

Winter Blossoms



Winter Series Card #1 By Caren Calafati

Winter Series Card #1






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