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Build a Perfect Web Site
By Lou Bradbard

What is a perfect web site?

It does not refer to the design or look of the site. As you can probably tell from the look of this web site I am a bit "design-challenged". There are a lot of web designers with better design skills than mine. Their sites have a nice polished look & feel, and function very well, but their sites don't draw any traffic. Why?

The fact is that Google and Yahoo don't know or care about the look of a web site. They just look at the text information on the site, including hidden information called "tags", and also at what is called "off-page criteria" such as how users arrive and leave the site, and how many other sites are linked to it.

A perfect web site is one that is designed and built to draw free traffic from the search engines, that provides useful information to those visitors and converts them into customers. The site must "presell" the visitors and inspire them to the Most Wanted Response(MWR). The MWR can be a product or service, or simply fillng out a form to request more information or join a mailing list.


Web Site Design Concepts

Here are several of the most important traffic drawing web site design techniques. They help the search engines to get a crystal-clear idea of what your site is about. Most web sites do not do any of these!

Site build it box
Site Build It!
Everything you need to build the perfect web site!

Build a Theme-Based Site
The Site Build It! method showed me how to create a theme-based site built around the theme "Sunapee". The search engines love theme-based sites!. Almost all of the site pages are focused on a phrase containing the word "Sunapee" such as "Sunapee History", "Sunapee Entertainment", "Sunapee Harbor", etc.

Use Keyword Focused Pages
Each page should be optimized for a keyword phrase that has high demand at the search engines. The page must be built around a specific keyword. For example the Sunapee Antiques page uses the phrase "Sunapee Antiques" in the title of the page, the file name of the page, the top page heading, and in a text link in addition to being used several times in the page text. The page has a number one position at Google.

Use Proper Image Labeling
All web site images should be "triple labeled". The image description should be in the file name, in the hidden image ALT tag, and on the web page as close to the image as possible. Very few web site use the first two techniques. Most sites just use gibberish for the file name and don't use the ALT tag at all! Google has a separate search feature for images and proper image labeling brings a lot of traffic to our sites!

If you don't use these techniques on your web site you are throwing business away!

Let me share just one more important example: Do you have a "links" page on your web site? My links page is here. Did you know that the search engines really don't like links pages? There are so many web sites that just contain links - they are called "link farms", and are rated very poorly by the search engines. If you have a page that is full of links it can be hurting your site as well. You should add a special tag to your page called a "NOINDEX" tag that will tell the search engines to just ignore your links page.

You can learn everthing you need to know about building an effective & profitable web site from Site Build it! Just watch the video below. You have never seen anything like it!


Invest the most important 30 minutes you will spend online.


Just watch this video to learn how building the perfect web site can turn your passion into a profitable business...from home...part-time...with no HTML skills at all!

Site Build It! is completely risk free. You will get a FULL refund if it's not for you.

Have a look at the Video Tour to get an idea of how it works (or the Quick Tour if you're on dial-up).



Have a question about the video?

Call me at 603-995-1294 or use the form below to ask me anything about Site Build It! or I promise to keep your personal information confidential.

Ask a Question
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