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Lake Sunapee Artists > Barbara J. Huff

Barbara J. Huff

Barbara Huff


Born in Lebanon, New Hampshire, in 1935, Barbara J. Huff has resided in Newport since 1936. A self-taught, versatile oil painting artist, Barbara has captured historic memories of Newport and the Lake Sunapee region. She has painted many buildings that are no longer standing, as well as many scenes still familiar.

For the last 20 years, Barbara has been delighting patrons with floral oil paintings, buildings, landscapes, pets, portraits, and semi-abstracts. Her paintings can be found in homes and public places from New Hampshire to Hawaii; also in Finland.

Barbara is now starting to paint abstract and in a different style, as her eyesight no longer allows her to do the detailed paintings she has been noted for.

Barbara enjoys meeting and talking to people. She welcomes everyone to come to her shop, Odds & Ends, at 65 Main Street, Newport, N.H. There are prints for sale of most all the paintings Barbara has done.

The paintings below are all framed original works for sale and are also available at Odds & Ends. Call 603-863-9495.


Stone Tower by Barbara J. Huff

Stone Tower
Hanover, New Hampshire


Garage in Lower Sunapee Village by Barbara J. Huff

Garage in Lower Sunapee Village


Still Life by Barbara J. Huff

Still Life


Mouse and Flowers by Barbara J. Huff

Mouse and Flowers


Amy Carter by Barbara J. Huff

Amy Carter, her parents, Grits the dog,
& the White House



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