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About this Site


How I learned the right way to build a small business web site

by Lou Bradbard


Lou & Andi at Sunapee HarborHi! I'm Lou, the webmaster for Here I am with my fiance Andi at Sunapee Harbor.

I want to tell you the story of how I started I use a very powerful web site hosting system called SiteSell to build this web site and several others. If you have any interest in using the web to promote your business, or using the web to run a business, I urge you to take a look at the video at the bottom of this page. Even if you don't bother to read this article, PLEASE skip to the bottom of this page and click on the video. You will really be amazed at what this powerful web site system can do for your business.

Lake Sunapee was created by my company Wild Goose Web Design as an internet portal for all businesses, artists and craftspeople in the Dartmouth-Lake Sunapee Region. Our goal is to promote the region, provide information to visitors to the area, and provide the highest level of web site service to local businesses using the SiteSell method to build and promote our web sites.

Why do small businesses have so many problems with their web sites?

Before I discovered SiteSell I didn't know what I was doing. Imagine that a 20 year veteran of the high-tech industry could not build a web site! I knew the technology, but not how to use it to promote a small business. I tried to find a successful small business web site to use as a model for starting my own web site.

I talked with a lot of small business people and heard a long list of problems from a lot of very unhappy folks whose web site efforts had all gone wrong somehow.

“I can put up a billboard and get calls the next day.
I put up a web site and nothing happens.”

There were problems at every step – unresponsive & overpriced webmasters, hosting providers’ relentless up-selling of more and more web site features and services, and no useful information available to the owner to help correct what was wrong with the site.

If they could eventually get their web site built, they ended up with no traffic & no sales, but a stack of bills & an e-mail inbox overflowing with spam. Even the smartest folks who ran very successful businesses were frustrated. Some had spent thousands of dollars with no visible return.

When I tried to build a small business web site I felt like I was stumbling around in the dark.

I learned that nearly everything I studied in my computer career was completely useless for building an effective small business web site. I know the technology inside and out but that didn’t help me at all. I needed to learn how to make the right decisions.

The possibility of starting my own web site business was looking pretty dim

Then I found a better way. I learned there are two kind of web sites - regular web sites and effective web sites.

In my former career as a software tester for IBM, I learned to identify missing pieces of a puzzle. When I stumbled on SiteSell I was skeptical of their guaranteed claims but I kept reading and eventually realized that this was what was missing from the small business web site puzzle – a complete system for researching, planning, building, and monetizing a web site for any type of small business.

They have thousands of successful sites to use as examples, an arsenal of essential tools, and a library of information including specialty articles for the most common types of businesses, and they even show how to write for the web!

The SiteSell web hosting service includes everything you will need to run an Site build it boxonline business for a single fixed price - less than a dollar a day! SiteSell's web site builder tool called Site Build It is very easy to use and will handle all of the technical stuff for you.

SiteSell is perfect for non-technical people and for those with computer skills. If you can use e-mail you can use SiteSell to build your passion into an online business.

The web site design business is currently like the home construction industry was 100 years ago, before the building code was created. There is just no set of rules to specify the right way to build a web site. SiteSell has created those rules and built them into a fail-proof system.

Click here to compare SiteSell to other web hosting companies


Just how effective is SiteSell?

Our Irish Food & Travel site is in the top 1% of all web sites for visitor traffic. Here is the current site traffic rank provided by traffic ranking service:


Here are the search engine results page ranks for our top pages on Page rank is the position in the results list for a given search term. A page rank of 1 means that site shows up in the very first position. has a bunch of #1 page ranks, and many of our pages are in the top 10!

These pages bring hundreds of visitors a day to the site. You can Google these keywords and see the results yourself!

Google Page Ranks for

#1 Page Rank
Irish Appetizer Recipes
Irish Appetizers
Irish Bread and Scones
Irish Casseroles
Irish Drink Recipes
Irish Pie Recipes
Irish Relishes
Top 5
Irish Beverages
Irish Coffee and Tea
Irish Dessert Recipes
Irish Side Dish Recipes
Irish Entree Recipes
Top 10
Irish Mustards
Irish Soup
Irish Chocolate and Candy
Irish Cookie Recipes
Irish Cookies
Irish Food Newsletter is also in the top 1% of all web sites for visitor traffic. Here is the current site traffic rank:


Here are the search engine results page ranks for our top pages on

Even though the site has been up less than a year, it already has seven #1 pages and 8 more pages in the top 10!

Google Page Ranks for

#1 Page Rank
Sunapee Calendar
Sunapee Entertainment
Sunapee History
Sunapee Poems
Sunapee Site Search
Sunapee Services
Sunapee Shopping
Top 5
Sunapee Artists
Sunapee Classes
Anchorage Sunapee
Top 10
Sunapee Hiking
Sunapee Harbor
Sunapee Campgrounds
Sunapee Videos
Sunapee Restaurants

You can do it too!

All you need is an idea! If you don’t have an idea, find someone who does. That is how I partnered with Tyna to create this Irish food web site. She creates the content and I build the web site and follow the SiteSell method.

Click here to Find YOUR Small Business Or Idea

After I began this site, I used SiteSell’s research tools to find other great web site ideas. Now I have several web sites of my own and also create web sites for others.

Click here for my web site design portfolio.


Just give it a try.

You can turn your passion into a profitable business...
from home...part-time...with no HTML skills at all!

SiteSell is completely risk free. You will get a FULL refund if it's not for you.

Have a look at the Video Tour to get an idea of how it works (or the Quick Tour if you're on dial-up).


Have a question?

Call me at 603-995-1294 or use the form below to ask me anything about SiteSell or I promise to keep your personal information confidential.


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